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Flywheel training and how it changes EVERYTHING!

Flywheel training is a brand new development for physical training. No more massive weight sets, or various machines to find the right exercises. This is a perfect fit for your at-home gym or athletic facility. Flywheel training allows you the flexibility to train at the intensity you need and to add resistance to almost any exercise you can imagine. 

You call the weight

Unlike traditional weights, you push and pull a set weight amount, Kynett One uses a flywheel to utilize your own energy to set resistance levels during the workout, that's right no more changing weights, just pull harder and you'll get more resistance.

Train Faster

The unique design allows you to increase reps at a faster rate than traditional weight lifting. Allowing you to hit various cardiovascular heart rate zones based on your workout for the day. 

Improve Balance

In most home gyms, you need separate equipment to handle separate activities, but with Kynett you can incorporate your balance training into your normal training. This training pulls back, which allows you to build small stabilization muscles along with the big muscle groups. 


With flywheel training you can incorporate essentially any type of workout that you need to, and hit every muscle group you can think of. The number of options are endless.